Public Speaking

Public Speaking

A speaker's success dependents 50% on the personality and 50% on the technical    aspects of the data delivery. The Public Speaking Course will allow you to overcome the "Fear of Stage" and will provide you with the basics to manage an audience in a professional way, to organize the room, to structure a speech and all that is needed to capture the public's interest.

Course Objective

- Knowing fully the art and the tricks of public speaking.

- Learn how to successfully structure a speech or a meeting.

- Knowing how to inspire an audience, regardless of how big the audience is and also in "difficult" situations. 


- Rhetoric, the art of persuasion. 

- The basics of communication applied to an audience. 

- The ingredients of a motivational speech that spurs others to change and stimulates action. 

- What are the strategies that determine the success of a speaker. 

- How to structure a speech